Saturday, July 28, 2007

Random Stuff for Saturday Afternoon

In these, the waining days of my vacation from hell work, I am finding my self trying to fit in a bunch of stuff before Monday.

In honor of the mode I've been in, enjoy this roundup of the random:

FIRST: You may have heard the latest bit of information about Pat Tillman (the American serviceman who was killed by "friendly fire", whose death at first was used by BushCo to stir up faux hero worship and patriotism when it was said he was killed by enemy fire.) Tony at I Need Stronger Medication has posted an eloquent piece about Tillman, and why he truly is a hero. CLICK HERE TO READ.

SECOND: An historic moment in my life has occurred. Today I bought a cellphone. Yup, I swore I would never do this, and I've held out for so long, but after my last broken down car adventure, I figured things would have been much better if I had one of the blasted things. So I broke down and got one of those little Tracfone gizmo's . No contract, and pretty simple.

Now of course, I have one more item to lose track of.

: If you have not yet, by all means, rent the film, Zodiac. This is a terrific movie and a real nail bitter.

I can't stand this bickering between Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama, come on you two, play nice! You have a common enemy to defeat, a devious administration to clean up after ... play fair and stop the bull shit!

Have you guys seen this blog? It's new and it's called, Bitch Please! It has not been updated lately, but It's kind of funny. CLICK HERE TO SEE.

Have A Great Rest of the Weekend All!!!

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