Monday, July 09, 2007

Just Take My Last Drop Of Blood, Will Ya?!?!

The dark cloud of car mishaps struck again!

Today as I was driving Whatshisname's car back from work, it began to buck and slow down and come to a complete stop, as if it were out of gas.

I parked the car and walked the two blocks to a gas station and got some gas figuring that the tank was empty (the gas gauge on this car is on the fritz). Then I walked back (in the sweltering heat) and poured the gas into the tank. Went to start the car and...nothing.

I called Whatshisname (from a pay phone) at work and at home and only got the voice mail.

So I sat and waited, and waited, finally I walked down to a realtors office and used their phone and got him. He arrived about an hour later and when we got home I called my garage and asked for a tow.

Mother F%$#@!G Pain the ass, cars!!!!!

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