Friday, July 06, 2007

Fave Foto Friday (rock and roll fantasy I) - UPDATE!

fff from the house of thunderpussy

fff at the morning martini

fff at the land of cerpts and honey

I've always had a thing for guitar playing boys: behold two of the finest. Rick Danko (left) and Robbie Robertson (right) of The Band.

Danko played lead bass and provided vocals while Robertson played lead guitar and wrote many of The Band's greatest songs. These photos were taken by Chris Myers on the set of The Last Waltz (Martin Scorsese's brilliant documentary of the groups final concert in 1976).

Sadly, Danko passed away in 1999 after years of touring despite declining health.

Robertson is still alive and kicking.

I prefer to always remember Rob and Rick as those angel faced rock and rollers at the top of their game back in '76.

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