Sunday, July 22, 2007

Coffee and Blueberry Pie for Breakfast

One of the best things about hosting a party, is tasting all of the leftovers the next day. I usually don't eat much at my own parties because I am to busy drinking mingling with the guests. So this morning, when I stumbled out of bed around ten-o-clock and discovered Whatshisname passed out on the sofa and our guest safely tucked away in the spare bedroom, I made my way through the tons of foodstuffs that were hastily thrown into the refrigerator several hours earlier.

I settled on a piece of blueberry pie which had been baked by Mr. Freudian Slips himself.

It was awesome.

I supplemented the pie with some reheated coffee (yes, I know, how white trash of me), and after scarfing down this breakfast of champions, surveyed the damage from last night.

Happily, a lot was done before I crashed out at three-o-clock this morning, our guest (did I mention we had an overnight guest? ) helped me dump a lot of stuff before retiring.

Nonetheless, I began the morning after ritual and in about two hours time, got the place back to it's usual state of disarray (as opposed to post-apocalyptic).

When I was done, I went through the evening's highlights thusly:

* Finally meeting Mrs. Freudian Slips, a complete and utter sweetheart.
* Being mildly concerned over a series of photographs of myself, The Contessa, and Karl that, if made public, will destroy whatever good name I might have ever had.
* Trying to convince Gracie that she has to be a continuity expert at Sony Pictures so that she can support me, Medbh, Lulu and Joey B, when we all retire to the West Coast.
* Thinking how cute Whatshisname looked in his apron while he ran around putting out food.
* Though she remains an enigma, Magnolia Thunderpussy's name was brought up several times during the night.
* Scoring a copy of Halloween 25, from Penny and Mark Hownowbrowncowski.
* Spending some quality time with Zelda again, that was very nice.
* Seeing my friends together and realizing that the family we assemble, is sometimes as good, if not better, than the one we were born in to.

So yeah, all in all a great night. Wish you all could have been here.

And on that note, this 49 year old man is signing off and wishing you all a great Sunday!

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