Sunday, June 24, 2007

When in Doubt, Quote the Lizard King

I was wearing my Whiskey a Go Go t-shirt when I stumbled into the little news shop here in town. The woman behind the register, an older lady with long blond hair and a batch of tattoos going up and down her arms smiled at me and said, "Ah, the Whiskey a Go Go, on the Sunset Strip!"

I smiled back and said, "Have you been?"

"Oh yeah," she laughed, "Another lifetime ago. I saw the Chambers Brothers there, must have been '69 or '70. How about you?"

I nodded my head saying, "Yes, a few years later in '77, saw X for the very first time in my life."

"L.A. gets a bum rap," she said, "but I'd go back there in a heartbeat".

"Same here, what a shame that family and commitments keep us stuck here in New Jersey".

She considered what I said for a second and then replied, "It's a force, some kind of inertia that always draws us back to the familiar -- the strong ones are the ones who can tear free from that energy, they are the ones who can..." she fumbled for words...

"Break on through to the other side?" I offered.

"Exactly!" she beamed, "When in doubt, quote The Lizard King."

We both laughed and spent a few more minutes comparing notes on Los Angeles ... all the while stuck inside a little newspaper shop in Southern New Jersey.

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