Sunday, June 10, 2007

This Is The End

Berkeley Breathed's prediction of how The Soprano's will end (courtesy of Bill the Cat).
Tonight HBO's acclaimed series, The Sopranos draws it's last breath, leaving me and hundreds of thousands of other fans of this Greek Drama masquerading as a Mob Soap Opera to cry, "Ciao Tony".

Over at Salon, there is an amusing article where several authors and columnists get together to guess the series finale (LINK HERE).

Also at Salon, a brilliant piece that compares the Soprano's mentality with America's collective mind set post 9/11 (LINK HERE).

Here is a fantastic piece about the show and it's complex characters from the Detroit Free Press (LINK HERE).

Finally, here is a fascinating read - therapists debate Tony's eight years on the couch (LINK HERE).

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