Saturday, June 30, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

It was an absolutely beautiful day in The City Of Brotherly Love.

But of course, I missed the 11:30 train out of Jersey, so I was a tad late meeting Rose at our designated spot (luckily, I have it on good authority that she made a few new friends while waiting for her tardy lunch-date).

When we finally were reunited (and it felt so good), we embraced and agreed that we'd go to El Vez for lunch.

Of course since the both of us have no sense of direction, we walked several blocks until finally Rose recalled a nearby landmark that figured somewhat in my storied past.

Mission accomplished! We made our way to the eatery and settled in for some good old gossip, commiseration, a bit of tea and sympathy, and some political talk.

I mentioned that it had been awhile since we'd seen each other.

"October 7th", she replied.

Wow, I had no idea it had been that long!

After lunch we walked across the street to indulge in some gelato (sorry forgot the name of the place, but it was fab!).

We noshed on our Italian ice cream on the sidewalk and as we licked and talked, I noticed a man sidling up behind Rose. This guy looked like he'd been through the ringer. His eyes shifted and his head went up and down as he gave Rosie the once over. I think drool was running down his chin. He almost dropped his numerous trash bags, he was so entranced by Ms. Anonymous Rowhouse.

"Hey," I said, "homeless guys think you're hot!"

After that we made our over to Robin's Books where I found myself engaged in a conversation with a young man over Chuck Palahniuk's latest tome. Meanwhile, Rose was trying to find this book. She had as much luck as I had trying to find a copy of Valley of the Dolls (I wanted to gift my friend with a copy of this classic).

Nonetheless, we spent a lot of time at the dusty old bookstore and ended up both picking up some reading material.

Rose was debating a novel and was not sure if she wanted it, I suggested that she buy herself a new purse that was big enough to carry the book, "No moral compass here, no judgments", I said trying to act like a little demon on her left shoulder.

Eventually we made our way to the register and found ourselves hearing the tale end of a discussion about dancing amongst the clerks at the check out.

"All is fair on the dance floor", the head clerk concluded.

Rose and I shot each other a look.

"I don't think so,"she said as we exited the store.

Realizing that time was fleeting (I had used Whatshisname's car for the trip to the train, since mine is still in the shop, and wanted to get it back to him before five because he had somewhere to be), we said our goodbyes as Rose headed to another bookstore to find her elusive tome, and I to the train station.

Along the walk back, I took a few pictures, - click on any to see them at full size (they look pretty good, if I say so myself).

Hope you all had a wonderful Saturday!

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