Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Hanging Up

Man, I had one of those days; interacting with morons at every turn.

* During the ride into work I traveled behind this dimwit who kept his left turn signal on for several miles. When he finally slowed down to a crawl; he made a right.

* Then at lunch today, unidentified female co-worker says to me, "I heard you are fan of The Sopranos".

I nodded in the affirmative.

"Well", she continued, "I never watched a single episode except for the last one. My god that sucked!"

"Yes", I said, "a lot of people were put off by the finale, however if you'd been watching since the start, it might have made more sense, the show was a lot more than just a mob drama".

"Well, if that last episode was any indication of the show, it must have been pretty bad", she exclaimed.

Sizing up this pea-bean critic I asked, "Would you pick up a novel just to read the last chapter, and then go around telling people that you hated the book because you did not like the last chapter of said book?"

she asked.

"It's a simple question.", I replied.

"We ain't talking about a book, we are talking about a stupid TV show".

"But it's the same thing, you can't critique something that you have little or no knowledge of", I tried reasoning.

Her face went blank and she shot back that ultimate comeback, "Whatever!", and stormed off.

* I had setup a meeting today at work with a client, her aunt and my supervisor. We had scheduled the meeting for 2:30.

At 2:35 I was the only person in the conference room. The client and aunt never showed up, never called, and my supervisor forgot about the meeting. At around 3:30 my supervisor came to me in a panic and said, "Pax, I forgot about the meeting, how did it go?"

"Horrible, boss, they are going to sue us."

I waited till his eyes grew wide with horror and then said, "Just kidding, they never showed up".

* Parent of another client calls me on the phone screaming about money that she thinks she is owed. I explain that said money is not coming to her and that funds are not a guarantee. Parent continues shouting so I say, "Ma'am, you are not going to be yelling at me this afternoon, call my supervisor at 555-5555 his name is Mr. Boss, maybe he can help you understand things", and then I hung up the phone.

Man, that felt sooooo good.

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