Thursday, June 28, 2007

Benoit Family Values

By now you might have heard the news about professional wrestler, Chris Benoit, his wife, Nancy and 7 year old son, Daniel: it seems that Benoit strangled his wife, then smothered his son, and later on hung himself.

Curiously, it seems that Benoit placed a bible next to each of his victims...I guess he was was a Christian.

As far as sensationalism goes, this story is starting to trump Paris Hilton's release from the hoosegow.

At this point, Benoit joins the list of D-List celebrities who have gained new notoriety for killing their loved ones.

Add his name to the roster, right next to O.J. Simpson, Phil Spector and Robert Blake.

I guess Benoit gets even more notoriety for killing his child.

At least the bastard had the common decency to kill himself...

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