Sunday, May 27, 2007


Busy day here at the Villa.

Just got back from Mama and Papa Romano's place where I spent the morning. We sipped Starbucks and noshed on some cinnamon scones (outrageously good!) on the back deck and chatted a bit. My father told me some stories about our family that made my mouth drop (ancient scandalous history of the extended Family Romano) -- and of course I had to do some work on their computer (they've finally agreed to upgrade to a new PC, YAY!!).

Once through, I drove around the old town I grew up in and saw a friend from High School. We talked for a bit and he filled me in on some of our co-classmates and what happened to them; since he stayed local, he had all of the dirt.

Back home, Whatshisname is planning a classic barbecue dinner for tonight, and then we are having some friends over and getting a birthday cake for Lee Lee ... so we have to go find a gift for the "girl who has everything".

Somewhere, I am going to fit in a power nap, since I woke up at around four this morning.

Have a great Sunday all!!

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