Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Somewhere In The Swamps of Jersey

It does not happen often, but when a good day at work occurs, it deserves some type of mentioning.

Today was one of those rare days.

Joey B. arrived at my place at the designated coordinates and after he finally figured out how to park his car, I loaded up our ride, put the pedal to the metal and headed out.

On the way we stopped at Starbucks and I watched in stunned awe as Joey sucked down his 74 ounce Mocha/Orange/Vanilla Iced Latte in a minute and a half. Then I remembered, he is a competitive eater.

With god knows how many milligrams of caffeine in him, Joey entertained and informed in rapid fire mode as I drove; the guy should do tours of Southern New Jersey.

As we drove through the swamplands of the Garden State I realized how good it felt not to be cooped up at my desk over in Officeland II. I also felt something that I had not felt in years; that desire to just keep on go on and on and not look back, to just go until the tank ran dry ... of course with gas prices being what they are, I decided now was not the best time to give in to my newly reborn wanderlust.

Reality intruded when up ahead, we saw, rising from the wilds of
Maze Landing, Officeland-II B in all it's blue/green glass glory. The Emerald City? Hardly -- then again, I think I saw some flying monkeys.

Upon entering, the old crowed swarmed us and it felt like coming home. Damn, I miss these people.

The reason we were at Officeland-II B was an "open house". It was time to show off these new digs to whomever was interested in seeing how their tax dollars were being spent. Oh, and there was a ton of food, and Miss Zelda, once more, outdid herself transforming the conference room into a classy dining room.

A fabulous lunch was eaten by the hungry social workers, and fellowship was had at all the tables.

Of course, whenever you have more than one State Employee in a room, someone has to make a boring speech. As an added bonus, we had two boring speeches. The first one was by our well meaning Queen Mum and the second one was by some newly hired guy who probably makes a quarter of a million bucks a year.

I've been employed with the state too long to suffer speeches. I left half way through speech two and went to the bathroom.

When I came back, the hot air was all expended and everyone was milling about.

The Countessa mentioned that several of the middle management male staff were all wearing ties. She said they all looked like grocery store employees, "Clean up on aisle seven", the Countessa said sipping on a (no doubt) spiked soft drink.

After the festivities ended, I spent time with The Evil Chicken (this guy is a genius, I swear, he is working on a script for a film, and if it takes off, it's going to be a brilliant movie!!) as well as Medbh.

Finally all was said and done, and Joey and I made our way back out to the open road, back through the swamps of Jersey, and we came to realize that this was indeed, the best work day either of us has had in ages.

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