Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Smashing Day

Whatshisname is away for a few days, so today I borrowed his car to go to work.

This afternoon as I was walking to the car I noticed, what I thought was, dirt all over the back windshield. The closer I got, the more I realized that I was not looking at dirt at all, but a thousand little spider web cracks.

My mouth dropped as I got closer to the window. There were no holes , but the entire thing was cracked at every conceivable angle.

I cursed up a blue streak and then opened the front door, and with that, the window collapsed in all over the back seat.

Rushing back to the office I called the police and they sent out a car and a cop; and officer Doo-Hickey looked everything over and asked, "Anything missing?"

I replied in the negative.

Then he pointed out that the window had cracks at the far edge and asked if this window had ever been replaced before. I told him that it was (two years ago due to a fly-ball incident).

"Well then," he said, "that's your problem, shoddy workmanship!"

As this was going on, my co-workers were swarming around the car everyone asking the same thing, "What happened?"-- Now I ask you, when you see a car with a smashed rear window, What the fuck do you think happened??

"It was the terrorists",
I replied.

With the help of a few friends, we cleaned out most of the broken glass and then I drove over to the nearest repair station where I was told to bring the car back at 7am and they would replace the window.

Now I have to call Whatshisname and break the news.

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