Friday, May 04, 2007

Not So Fave Foto Friday

Always Remember May 4, 1970 and the fallen: Alison Krause, Jeffery Glenn Miller(lying dead on the ground in the above photo), Sandra Lee Scheuer, and William Knox Schroeder.

This photo was taken by John Filo, the young lady crouched over the body of Miller was Mary Ann Vechio, a 14 year old girl who was at the campus of Kent State University for the protest marches that ended with Ohio guardsmen slaughtering students.

Read an eyewitnesses account HERE

"How do you feel as you cut down your children now,

and leave them dying on the grass in the sun,

what do you see when you look at one another now,

tell me old man,

tell me where will you run?

Sing a song for the children going down,

remember the ones you knew,

remember how we laughed,

remember how we danced,

in America so many years ago"...

--diana II - paul kantner

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