Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My Blog is Three Years Old Today!

My blog is three years old today, why it just seems like yesterday ...

Say, I've got an idea: instead of talking about my blog, how about some pictures of me and some fellow bloggers and constant readers.

Right then, let's take a look at some photos, shall we?

Not everyone knows that prior to her becoming the toast of the hinterlands, Magnolia was my family's maid.

It's true!

Papa and Mama Romano, knew that they needed someone to keep their little monsters in line, so one day Papa took an ad out in the local paper for a domestic, and Magnolia Thunderpussy showed up on our front porch!

We had no idea that the rotund, loving housekeeper was saving her paychecks so that she could have a complete overhaul...but she was.

However, until the time she had her makeover, Magnolia was our Mary Poppins!

Here's a great photo of my boyhood chum, Frank of iFlipFlop fame and our neighbor, Justrose of the Anonymous Rowhouse.

Our housekeeper always insisted that we kids look good, and she loved to dress us up and take us out for a night on the town.

Here we are at the Stork Club.

If memory serves, Frank and I both got drunk on scotch that night, and Rosie sang, "Whatever Lola Wants" for the crowd at the club...

Ah childhood, such an innocent time.

Oh those wild teen years:

Here's a shot of me and Maidink of Life, Family, et al.

Man, that broad could cut a rug like no body's business!

Everyone loved Maidy at the Utopia VFW!!



Wow, I almost forgot about my hitch in the armed services...

Here I am at Fort Irwin where I met Tony Shyguy of I Need Stronger Medication.

Damn he was quick on the draw, but his gun was always going off at the most inopportune times.

Tony and I went AWOL shortly after that scandal at the Presidio...did I mention that we both got honorable discharges? Yup, it pays to have information on your superiors!



Here's me and Justrose during our Hippie years we rented this great little pad in The Haight from Rainbow Demon of Coffee House Studio.

Man those were some sublime times...

Did you guys know that our own Virginia Gal of Gypsy Thoughts lived just down the street from me then?

She did! She was a background singer for the Grateful dead...check out that photo , what a babe!

Word had it that VG might also have been at Woodstock, yup, don't let that sweet demeanor fool ya gang, she was a real swinging chick back in the day!


Jimmi, Liz, Mags and more in the Disco Years!!!

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