Wednesday, May 23, 2007

More Photo Memories in Celebration of My Blog's Third Birthday

It was sometime around 1975 that I came back to Philly for awhile. Lucky for me that the city was all abuzz over the arrival of famous debutante and glamour gal, Miss Liz of Urban Addiction.

Here is the photo of Liz from her train as it pulled into 30th street station. I still can remember the push of the photographers and the popping of champagne corks to celebrate that auspicious occasion!

Liz and I hit it off as soon as we met!

Speaking of glamour gals, this was also the same time that Magnolia reappeared on the scene. My mouth dropped when I saw photos of the newly svelte and sexy Ms. Thunderpussy ... astounding what a few hundred thousand in plastic surgery can buy a person.

Here is a photo of Mags in her one woman show, "The Passion of the Magnolia." -- a wild musical that, sadly, opened and closed the same night. None the less, I was there, front row center cheering on my former maid!

Meanwhile, Liz brought me to this wild party in New York City this one time and introduced me to her friend, Jimmi of The Life of Pinky Bear.

Jimmi was a wild guy, and threw the best damn parties!

The photo on the right is of Jimmi in his bathroom where he had stashed several dozen bottles of Dom PĂ©rignon , on ice, in his bathtub!

That same night the three of went to Studio 54, here's a pic of me and Jimmi trying out some the best nitrous oxide money could buy, while Liz cheers us on!

Ah the 70's, such an innocent time.

More fun at 54:

That's Rainbow Demon on the left (still sporting that hippie hair), and me on the right (after I shaved off the beard)...and the dapper dude in the center, is Cerpts from The Land of Cerpts of Honey.

What a great night that was. Cerpts arranged a midnight showing of Queen Kelly, and if memory serves, went home with Gloria Swanson that same night!!! It was such a scandal!

Come Up and see her some time:

Meanwhile, back home, I met my new neighbor, Zelda of The Garden of Eden.

Such a quiet, reserved girl, Zelda was, even then. Aside from her obvious talents, Zelda also was a hell of a chef!

Her motto was, "I'm a pretty good cook, sitting on my groceries, come up to my kitchen, I'll show you my best recipes!"

COMING NEXT (hopefully)

The 80's, The 90's and Beyond!!

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