Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Links 'O Love

Here are some links to some recent postings on blogs I haunt. Amusing, silly, and fun reads all...

- Rainbow Demon over at Coffee House Studio discovers that the hippies were right after all-HERE

- Cerpts over at The Land of Cerpts and Honey makes our brains ache with his Jim Jones/Jonestown conspiracy theory - HERE

- Movie Morlocks reminds us of a more innocent time when Liz Taylor and Conrad Hilton got hitched (it was Liz's first of eight marriages) - HERE

- Frank at iFlipFlop has the greatest blog posting title of all time - HERE

- Over at Jenny-Power, the blog mistress has learned some lessons from Spiderman 3 - HERE

- Joe at Freudian Slips finds life mirroring art, once again - HERE

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