Saturday, May 19, 2007

I Love Michael Moore

Documentary film-maker and provocateur, Michael Moore, appears to have out done himself this time.

It seems that one of Moore's biggest critics, blogger, Jim Kenefick had been having some problems finding affordable health care for his wife who recently became ill. Furthermore, It seems that Kenefick had been having some other financial problems, so he took his tale of woe and posted it on his blog,, and waited for sage advice from his right wing friends.

It turned out that an anonymous email came his way claiming that someone wanted to help him out to the tune of 12,000.

Kenefick agreed and received a check for the amount, deposited it and waited for it to clear.

Then he became suspicious as to where the money came from.

Apparently Kenefick investigated and found out the money come from the man he has spent most of his time degrading, Michael Moore.

At this time, Moore has said nothing, nor has he admitted to sending Kenefick any money (though sources say that Moore's people have admitted that the money was from him).

Deciding that being gracious was not the way to go, Mr. Kenefick said the following about the incident, "I knew he was using me, "Moore is going to try to make me into one of his little puppets."

Apparently he said this after he spent the money.

And who says, "no good deed goes unpunished"?

Bravo, Michael!

Boo Hiss, Jim!


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