Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Road To Hell ...

I had every intention of going to work today, but last night I kept waking up so that I could cough (you know that crazy little tickle in the back of the throat... a minute of dozing, and then a few seconds awake to clear the throat...drove me nuts!).

So I am home today and don't go back till Tuesday (YAY, ME!).

But I am tired and my voice sounds rather gruff (Whatshisname said I sounded like Sylvia Browne this morning).


Meanwhile, how about those crazy journalism students at Saint Joseph's University who put out an April Fool's day issue of the school's paper that included, amongst other things, a fake story that claimed that the archbishop of Philadelphia, Cardinal Justin Rigali was gay. Of course outrage ensued and fingers were wagged in faces. Doesn't anyone have a sense of humor anymore? I guess it would have been alright if they accused the Cardinal of being a pedophile.

And what about Nancy Pelosi who is being attacked by the right-wing-hacks and the asshole-in-chief for going to Syria. Hey, dumb asses, it's called diplomacy!

If it's money that matters in the upcoming presidential race, It looks like Barack Obama has got more loot than Hillary Clinton.

So Keith Richards said that he mixed his late father's ashes with some coke and snorted them ... wait a second, now he says "April Fools"!


What a world, what a world.

Have a wonderful Thursday all.

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