Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Thirty some people dead and another twenty something injured by (what appears to be), one lone gunman with obvious mental health issues.

The guy who sold Cho Seung-Hui his gun said, "To find out the gun came from my shop is just terrible" .

Whatever happened to background checks? Oh yeah, guess they are not needed.

Did you hear that one of the professors who died protecting his students was a concentration camp survivor? Liviu Librescu was a 76 year old man who was interned at a labor camp as a boy in Romania.

Monday was Holocaust Remembrance Day.

How about the reporter who asked one of the survivors why he and others did not "rush the gunman?" Guess what bastion of journalistic integrity asked that question?

I've already heard rumblings about a "foreigner" doing the killings ... sigh, I guess if his name were Eric Harris, or Dylan Klebold; well, that would have been different.

How about the teacher who tried to get help for Hui?

Lucinda Roy tried to reach out to him, she even contacted university officials and was told that since he had not done anything at the time, there was little they could do.

So what do we make of this latest horror?

We know that political hay is already being made, and talk show hosts have their chance to spin this right-round-like-a-record-baby and point at, and blame whomever and whatever they find an easy target.

And we know the NRA will say, "guns don't kill people" (but people with guns kill people - that is a proven fact).

And we also know that after the endless memorials are held, and the concerts and the prayer vigils and the debates ... nothing will have changed.

Nothing ever changes.

This rant is over, now go watch American Idol.

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