Monday, April 23, 2007

Meet My New Cabana Boy

This is the newest employee at the villa, his name is Escobar and he comes highly recommended.

As you all know, when the warm weather sets in, we get the pool ready and stock up the tikki bar with all kinds of liquid refreshments ... this year is no different.

Sadly I had to let the last cabana boy, Guido, go after we discovered that he was pilfering Whatshisname's action figures so that he could pay to get his Trans Am overhauled. It was quite the scandal, but we persevered.

Happily, Esocbar not only makes a killer Mai Tai, he's also a trained masseuse, and he does windows!

Well, I'm about to soak in the hot tub with my evening martini, hope you all are doing well!

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