Saturday, April 21, 2007

Becuse I Only Steal From the Very Best II

The Great God of all that is Cool (and orange), Frank, of iFilpFlop recently posted this "Is There Anything Better Than..." list after he put a new razor blade into his Gillette Fusion the other day.

His list brought a smile to my face, and I need a few smiles, so her goes my take...

Is There Anything Better Than...?

1: A quiet night at home with no obligations?
2: The Fourth of July?
3: Those few moments before the guests arrive for a party you are throwing?
4: The first warm day of the year that allows you to turn up the car radio and roll down the windows?
5: Drifting off to sleep to the sound of a window fan humming busily?
6: Cracking open a new book?
7: A mid-day matinée?
8: Being on a train?
9: The sound of music playing softly in another room?
10: Waking up and forgetting for a moment that it's Saturday morning ... and then realizing that it is!?
11: Saturday Morning?
12: French Toast?
13: Swiss Cheese?
14: Coffee?
15: A belly laugh?
16: A Marx Brothers Film?
17: Whatshisname's bright smile?
18: A comment on this blog by Magnolia Thunderpussy?
19: The first real snow of the season?
20: Christmas eve?
21: Halloween?
22: Hitting a flea market and finding a wonderful piece of junk that you just can't live without?
23: Bumping into an old friend that you have not seen for years; and realizing that he or she looks much older than you?
24: Having sex first thing in the morning?
25: Classic Warner Brother's cartoons?
26: Boulder Colorado?
27: A fresh coat of paint?
28: Finding ten bucks in a jacket pocket?
29: Listening to a Prairie Home Companion?
30: Hearing Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue?
31: A massage?
32: A good cup of coffee?
33: The Beatles?
34: Hanging out with Justrose?
35: My darling, Zelda?
36: Trading insults with that bitch, The Contessa?
37: Watching the sun come up from the vantage point of a hotel roof deck, while the city of San Francisco comes to life below?
38: Walking in L.A. ?
39: Film Noir?
40: Leaving work for the day?
41: A nice Merlot?
42: Having someone you love do something thoughtful for you?
43: Doing something thoughtful for someone you love?
44: The full moon?
45: The smell of honeysuckle on a warm summer's night?
46: Watching a scary movie with Medbh?
47: Realizing that everyone else is as clueless as you feel?
48: Seeing justice prevail?
49: An ice cold beer on a hot day?
50: Watching a fireworks display?
51: Hitting all the green lights?
52: No line at the '10 Items or Less' lane at the supermarket?
53: A handwritten letter from an old friend showing up in your mailbox?
54: Reading the morning paper?
55: Hearing Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" playing on the sound system at a shopping center?
56: Cap'n Crunch with Crunch Berries?
57: Candy Corn?
58: Orangutans?
59: Stephen King?
60: Knowing that you might have made a differnece?
61: A hot shower on a cold morning.
62: Winning a few bucks in the lottery?
63: A beer at Dirty Franks on 13th and Pine Streets in Philadelphia?
64: When it snows at Christmas?
65: When it's warm at Easter?
66: Reading Rainbow Demon's blog?
67: Reading Jimmi's Blog?
68: Reading Liz's Blog?
69: Reading Tony's Blog?
70: Reading Maidink's Blog?
71: Than when your MP3 player spits out five great songs in a row?
72: Knowing that George W Bush's days are numbered?
73: Gardening?
74: Taking a great photograph?
75: The dance scene from the movie, Picnic where William Holden and Kim Hunter do a slow, sexy boil to "Moon Glow"?
76: Watching Godfather I and II back to back?
77: Getting someplace early?
78: Laughing at something you once feared?
79: Finally realizing that this is as good as it gets?
80: Knowing that the bills are all paid?
81: Getting up early and watching the rest of the world come to life?
82: Seeing the forest for the trees?
83: Hearing a Billie Holiday song late at night while in your car?
84: Popping a free game while playing pinball?
85: The smell of something fresh baked?
86: Knowing that your loved ones are OK?
87: Going somewhere or someplace that you resisted, and then discovering that you are actually enjoying yourself?
88: Getting a primo parking space?
89: Having a perfect stranger smile at you and acknowledge your existence?
90: Seeing a project through to the end?
91: Strawberry milk?
92: Italian food?
93: Being comfortable in your own skin?
94: Finding joy in the mundane?
95: Auntie Em's pretzels?
96: A hot toddy in front of a roaring fire on a cold night?
97: Taking a mental health day from work?
98: Technology?
99: An authentic Victorian era home?
100: Knowing I am done with this list?

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