Sunday, April 08, 2007

Bada Bing la Famiglia

Easter Sunday in South Jersey felt more like mid-December with cold gusty winds and temperatures that struggled to get out of the mid 40's. Inflatable bunnies swayed in the frigid breeze, still the sun shone brightly and pastel colors held sway in spite of the chill in the air.

I filled my car with the prerequisite potted plant for my mom, and headed on out to the family homestead. Various relatives were due at Casa Romano. I still have this $#!%ING cold, so I did not really feel like making the journey, but I figured I'd better show rather than risk the wrath of Mama Romano.

Made it to the homestead, greeted the relatives, and was then shunned when said relatives realized I had a head cold... greetings went something like this, "No, don't kiss me, I can't afford to get sick. No! No hugging either! Happy Easter, Pax!"

There was a hell of a spread, you name it, it was served. Sadly, my taste buds are kind of dead, so nothing really tasted like much of anything to me.

Got into a heated discussion with one of my cousins over The Sopranos. She is offended by the program and how it portrays Italian Americans. I tried to explain to her that the show does not present it's protagonists as heroes, and that another main character (also Italian American) is a therapist and a professional, and furthermore, the show is more of a Greek tragedy.

She was having none of it.

And then I asked her if she has ever watched an episode.

She had not.

How can you argue a point with someone who has prejudged something that they have never experienced?

I opted for a good stiff drink and changed the subject.

After the festivities, I came home and found Whatshisname asleep on the sofa. He is sick also, but managed a visit to his mother (and when he got home, he crashed out -- can't say that I blame him).

Took a nap myself and then watched the Sopranos.

What a great episode! Damn, I love that show.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.

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