Monday, March 12, 2007


I returned to Officeland, only to watch its deconstruction occurring in earnest.

As I entered the office, tired and weary (it was tough getting back into the swing after a month), I was also filled with a sense of happiness in that I was going to see my co-inmates workers again. I missed a lot of them. However, upon walking into the front door, I ran smack into a pile of empty boxes and after I pushed them aside I saw everyone hard at work pulling files out of cabinets and tossing them into said boxes.

After the cursory greetings, and shouts of "Welcome back", I found my way to my desk and as if in a daze, poured a cup of coffee and was handed a couple of boxes, and I started packing.

And that was pretty much my entire day. Tossing, packing and labeling.

I did not even have a chance to get to my phone messages or the War and Peace size stack of mail waiting for me.

Oh, and when I got my computer up and running, I found that Twitter was blocked (no surprise there, Officeland computers block out anything that might allow their users to engage in a diversion of any sort).

There was an odd vibe; some folks were happy over the move, some unnerved by it, and some just resigned to it.

I am in that later group.

After twenty years in the same place, the same faces, it is going to be a bit odd dealing with a new work environment, new management styles (and everything that goes along with that); however I will continue to be doing the same job that I am currently doing now.

Well, that's pretty much it. Hope you all had a good day!

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