Thursday, March 15, 2007

Random Thursday

Good Morning!

* First, I'd like to thank Tony at I Need Stronger Medication for turning me on to the beyond fabulous Amy Winehouse! Winehouse is one part Ronnie Spector, and one part Nina Simone ... this chick is the real thing! What talent! If you've grown bored with the caterwauling gals of modern pop music, take a listen to Amy Winehouse and prepare to be knocked out! (you can thank Tony and me later).

* It hit 74 yesterday, spring was in the air ... and yet, they are calling for snow on Friday and Monday ... ah March, the month of psychotic weather patterns.

* At work the other day, The Contessa and I were discussing Scott Bakula and his assorted drool-worthiness. With that in mind I present the photo on the right for your consideration.

* How about those Mayan priests who are going to perform purifying rituals at the archaeological site that was defiled by the "bad spirits" brought on by President Bush? Do you think they might want to pay a trip to Washington and do the same at the White House?

* And finally, did you ever wonder what happened to Tonya Harding? Well wonder no more, just CLICK HERE.

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