Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Jersey and You: Ethical Together

You all know that I am employed by the great State of New Jersey.

You also know that I live the high-life of a state employee; I bathe in champagne, drive a Lexus, own several homes at both the mountains and the seaside, ride chauffeured too and from the office every day, and have a stable of domestics and operatives to do my bidding - all in on the taxpayer's dime!

Anyway, today at the office a parcel landed on my desk with a resounding "thud". It was about the size of the novel, War and Peace. Upon opening it up I found a document about state employee ethics that I was to read and sign off on.

Said document told me that I was not allowed to receive any type of gift from anyone I serve or do business with, nor was I to use my "authority" to provide special favors for others, oh and there was also something in there about stealing pens.

I tossed the monster-sized-memo aside and realized that I had Senator Wayne R. Bryant and his political fuckery to thank for this.

Bryant is the senator who has made a lot of money from his time as a civil servant. He has served not only in his official capacity, but also managed a side job with the University of Medicine and Dentistry at 35,000.00 a year for some walking around money, as well as help in padding his pension.

Bryant has managed to get some decent social services in place for the less fortunate, but, like a third world dictator, some of the money for those services is always skimmed off the top so it might land in his pocket.

Mr Bryant is not the only guy or gal who has made money, or provided for, or received special favors in State Government. He just got caught.

Consider Governor John Corzine.

Honestly, I like the guy. I voted for him, and held fast to the notion that he was going to do right by the state during last year's shut down of services.

Ultimately, he did.

However, Mr. Corzine has a skeleton or two rattling about in his closet.

Like his affair with one, Carla Katz.

Katz is the head of CWA local 1034 (I am a member of that union). She is also an intelligent and well spoken woman, and I admire her as well.

But, jumpin' jesus on a pogo stick, the governor provided her a 470,000 mortgage through an investment company he owned so that she could buy her ex-husband's half of the home they once shared. Then a few years later, the governor forgave her debt and paid the taxes on it to the tune of 160,000. If all that wasn't bad enough, Katz just bought a 1.1 million dollar condo... guess who helped her with that purchase?

And they want me to sign a document on ethics?

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