Sunday, March 18, 2007

More Fan Mail!!

The Jentzen Franklin fan club just won't stop.

Here is today's letter from someone called, "Mehewn"

Dear Mr. Pax,

I think the reason why Mr. Franklin used the "superbowl antic" as an example of the delapidated state of our society's morals is because he understands that only by the grace of God (and probably that man's prayers) were we spared seeing what really goes on behind closed doors. I applaud Mr. Franklin for the strong, respectful gentlemen that he is, I heard that the Holy Spirit is the same way. I also heard that Lucifer is the exact opposite. Which one do you exemplify? There are few real men left in today's society, and I'd be loath to criticize what few remaining (very good) examples we have. It takes very little courage to make fun of someone who possesses real moral strength & character (however they came about it). I believe you have an image of Jesus as the weak person society thinks he is (however they came about it).

Here is my reply:

Dear Mehewn,

I'm glad you have found solace in the words of Mr. Franklin. Good for you.

I'm glad you have your faith, I am sure it comes in handy.

In the meantime don't confuse satire with the work of your devil.

I do agree with you that our society is dilapidated, however I think
that it might do Mr. Franklin, and the rest of the spiritual leaders
of this world, some good if they turned their attention away from
popular culture ( whipping boy that it is), and turn it towards more
important things like a government that sends its young people off to
kill in wars that are built on lies and greed -- I feel that if Jesus
were amongst us today, he might point to the daily killings in Iraq
(on both sides) as the bigger sin than watching a pop star expose her

Finally, don't put your preachers (or anyone else) on a pedestal, they
are only human, and therefore prone to major downfalls (see Ted
Haggard, Jim Bakker, or the many Catholic priests who have molested
young boys and girls, for an example).

Morality is found more in deed than in word.

Thank you for taking the time to write to m

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