Saturday, March 31, 2007

Good Morning!

First things first: Just in case you were all thinking that I was exaggerating that bit about the odd hallway in my posting about Officeland II (the one I compared to the hall in the film, Poltergeist that keeps growing longer and longer), please see the photo on the left. That's it!

In that same posting I talked about the fabulous view of the mall being torn down just across the street from the office, well here it is in all it's deconstructive glory...

And one more thing, a few days ago I wrote about that ethics waiver that all New Jersey employees were supposed to sign off on, and I mentioned Senator Wayne Bryant. Well, here is the scoop on Mr. B. (who is vacationing in Mexico as I write this) and the charges he faces from today's Philadelphia Inquirer (CLICK HERE FOR STORY).

In much lighter news, Whatshisname and I are off this afternoon to a birthday party ... for a one-year-old! What do you get a kid who is only a year old? I figured he'd be happy with a towel to chew on, but I opted for a giant stuffed Easter chick that I saw in the Hallmark store. We got his mother a big bottle of wine. I based that purchase on something my sister told me after Princess Demon Child was born, "After I put her to bed at night, I want nothing more than a couple of glasses of wine to numb myself".

Did I mention that I am still getting disability checks in the mail?

I've been back to work for almost four weeks now, and the checks keep coming. I wish I was the type to just keep the money and feign ignorance ... but with my luck I'd get caught. So I've mailed the checks back to Trenton hoping that I am making good Karma.
That's all for now, Happy Saturday all!!!

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