Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Commentators Say The Darnedest Things

Sometimes, I go back over my old postings to see if anyone aside from the constant readers of this blog have left any sweet nothings for me.

Often I find spam-generated-copy in the Blogger comments section, while other times I am surprised by those who have stumbled upon my blog and leave me some words.

Witness the following:

Apparently someone took exception to what I said about Baroness von Langendorff (i refer to her as "overly-made-up") in the posting, 'What Would Bitsy Do?'.

Here's what
Anonymous had to say:

According to Pax, whoever the hell Romano he is, he comments on the "overly made up Baroness von Langendorff", with little, if no, appreciation for her style. She is someone from a world where you can do whatever you please, and if adding a little color to the eyes, hair, cheeks, etc. is fun.... why not. Some people just don't get it, do they ?.... like Pax, he probably thinks criticizing someone makes him a more colorful person.... doubtful. - The Baroness has more class and style than anyone in society, and probably the biggest heart in the group as well. Peace Pax, expand your thinking.

Nope, Anonymous, I guess I don't get it. I am sure that the Baroness is a wonderful person, but, honey, she looks like Emmett Kelly in that picture! That said, I doubt she'll lose any sleep over what I said.


Mega-blogger, Tom Bacchus chimed in on my posting, 'Thank You, Matt Sanchez!'

Tom was instrumental in breaking the Sanchez story, so bravo to him (plus his blog is great!). Here is what he had to say after I mentioned that I had 400 hits on my puny site last Saturday thanks to all the Matt Sanchez searches.

Oh, honey! I got 100,000 visits last week for posting all his sexy pics - oh, and outing him, then handing it over to Joe.My.God.

Not to brag, but that whole 11-inch-dick line was BS. It's a hard 9.

More on my blog, and JoeMyGod's, for those still interested.

Tom, I could only dream of 100,000 hits - rock on!

Here is a link to Tom's Blog :Tom Bacchus on the Vine


Anonymous said...

Oh Pax, you sensitive dear you... Actually you ARE right. The Baroness von Langendorff was, and often is, overly made up... she is so dear however, and amazingly kind to her friends, so UNLIKE so many people in society.
By the way: Is that you, the little boy in the picture, you were a little made up too, in period no less. - The Baroness, an amazing combination of business smarts and sentimentality. Have you read what Gloria Swanson said about her? Get back to me.

Anonymous said...

this Dude is gross and with that stupid, I'm too good for anyone look, I don't care if his dick is a hard 9, so is a bathroom plunger.

Pax Romano said...

Anonymous 1,

Is this what Gloria said?

So what am I took make of this?

"Two baronesses have been clients, Baroness De Nora, of Italy, and
Baroness Langen von Langendorff, of Belgium, or maybe France, or
Luxembourg. The latter, a Euro-famous courtesan, gained her title by
snatching the epynomic baron's heart and then his commercial empire
which was based on male perfume, warehouses of which still abound
in one of the New York boroughs. In those undecorated sheds are
also contraband caviar, perhaps centigrams of which are sold in
perfume bottles to gastronomic sneak thieves which abound in

We dined in the Baroness's Long Island shoreline mansion, designed by
Edward Durell Stone who had inscribed a picture book of his work:
to my dear baroness, shared lover of architecture. I had seen a similar
inscription in several of Stone's gifts to his seduced female clients, and
each displayed the book prominently, and paged to the inscription with
adoration, perhaps faux but enchantingly played. . ."