Monday, March 12, 2007

And So to Sum Up...

In the four weeks that I have been out of circulation, the following events occurred:

* I have surgery.
* The villa floods and I get a Zune.
* Basketball Player comes out.
* I am the father of Anna Nicole's baby.
* Brit shaves her head and Jacqueline Susann is vindicated.
* Iraqi vets are told to "shut up" when they start talking about the deplorable conditions at Walter Reed Medical Hospital.
* Ann Coulter furthers the intelligent political discourse in America.
* Scooter Libby takes one for the team.
* Matt Sanchez is Rod Majors.
* I get 400 hits (thanks, Matt!)

So, high ho, high ho, its off to work I go.

If I can access Twitter, I will send life lines out!

Have a great Monday, all!!!

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