Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What Would Walt Do?

It's been over a week since I was operated on, and today was the first day that I drove my car anywhere (up to this point, Whatshisname has been chauffeuring me about). I took a short hop to Starbucks, the video store, and the supermarket and all went well until I was standing on line at the market checkout with a basket of stuff.

Holding the parcel in my right arm, I realized that I was having some pain in the area the surgery happened at and so I had to put the basket down and push it with my foot as the line slowly moved.

As I stood and waited a couple of older women in front of me were commenting on current events and the one said, "That Spears gal looks like she's going bonkers! Did you see that she shaved her head?"

The other woman, a rotund blond holding a parcel of greeting cards looked over at her friend and asked, "Now which one is Spears? I can't keep them all straight; poor dears, just screwing up everything..."

"She was the former Mickey Mouse Club member".

"Oh dear", the greeting card lady said, "This would have never happened back in our day, could you imagine what Walt Disney would have done if Annette Funicello had gone off the deep end?"

The other lady, a tall, rather regal looking gal sighed and said, "In our day, the studio would have had her in a sanitarium and then put out a press release that she's vacationing in Europe."

And after that pearl of wisdom, I was laughing to myself and trying not burst out, needless to say, it hurt not to laugh (considering my condition), so I did not hear the rest of the conversation.

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