Thursday, February 15, 2007

What Would Bitsy Do?

A guilty pleasure of mine for some time has been perusing The New York Social Diary.

I mean where else am I going to find out what Tinsley Mortimer wore at the Winter Dance for the American Museum of Natural History? And what other online publication is going to have pictures of puffy faced rich white men (see photo on right for details), their dowager wives, metro sexual sons, and painfully thin daughters?

I am especially fond of the names of the women featured in NYSD: Coco Kopelman , Zani Gugelmann , Gigi Mortimer, Fati Rosenberg ... these gals have first names that make them sound like porn models (Coco, Zani, Gigi...well, maybe not Fati though).

According to the NYSD, there are at least two great parties in New York City every night, and if you are on the A List, you too can rub elbows with Doctor and Mrs. VanDerLeer ... or maybe you' ll just be seated at a table with the overly-made-up, Baroness von Langendorff like this poor guy was... (see picture on left).

Another fun thing I like to do is play, "Spot The Gay Man". That's where you glance at some photos and see how quick you can find the Friend of Dorothy featured...would you like to give it a shot?


On your right is a photo of Geoffrey Bradfield, Roy Kean, and Heather Cohane, said photo was taken at Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola's 5th avenue penthouse at a cocktail party the de Guardiola's were hosting: OK, Spot The Gay Man!

See, wasn't that fun?

Most times, the people photographed at these parties and fund raisers usually look great, but sometimes, a bad shot gets in. For instance this is a photo of a woman named Melanie Byron at a fundraiser for Autism that was held by the NYCA. Poor Mel looks like she just got goosed! (photo on the left)

So when you're bored and want to see how the other half lives, surf on over to the New York Social Diary and wonder what your life would be like if it were filled with cocktail parties and philanthropic events to attend...

Now if you'll excuse me, Bitsy is on the phone and wants to know what I am going to be wearing to the Hernia Support Ball tonight...

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Anonymous said...

According to Pax, whoever the hell Romano he is, he comments on the "overly made up Baroness von Langendorff", with little, if no, appreciation for her style. She is someone from a world where you can do whatever you please, and if adding a little color to the eyes, hair, cheeks, etc. is fun.... why not. Some people just don't get it, do they ?.... like Pax, he probably thinks criticizing someone makes him a more colorful person.... doubtful. - The Baroness has more class and style than anyone in society, and probably the biggest heart in the group as well. Peace Pax, expand your thinking.