Friday, February 23, 2007

Two More Weeks

Well, I got back from the surgeon, and he agreed that I can go back to work earlier than planned. Originally I was scheduled to return on the 26th of March, now it is March 12th.

This will turn out to be the longest I've ever been out of work, and to add to the madness of it all, when I get back, I will have a week to pack up my belongings for the move to Officeland II (physically it will be a shorter drive, but traffic wise, it will be a nightmare). But what the hell, I must embrace the change.

I feared that I might be bored the next two weeks, luckily a fifty pound package appeared on my doorstep this afternoon, the manuscript of a book a friend has written. So, I guess I will be busy with my little red pencil -- though I suspect that this is going to be a compelling read.

Finally, what would a day be with out some Britney pictures? I have no comment concerning these photos of the bald mad woman.

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