Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar Hangover

Well, it seems that three of my four picks were right on the money.

Alan Arkin got best supporting actor; Helen Mirren got best actress; and Forest Whitaker got best actor...and while I was pulling for Cate Blanchette as best supporting actress, Jennifer Hudson had a Cinderella moment, managing to come from seemingly nowhere and walk home with the gold for her turn in Dreamgirls.

I was torn about best picture, having seen and enjoyed, Little Miss Sunshine, Babel and The Departed. But I figured that The Queen or The Departed were gonna' be the two to beat. The Departed got best picture.

How great was it when An Inconvenient Truth got best documentary? I was happy for the film makers and for Al Gore. The film is a must-see with a powerful message about the ruination of our environment (and to those who think that Gore has just jumped onto the Environmental Band Wagon, might I suggest you pick up a copy of Earth In The Balance, a book he wrote back in 1992).

Equally as great, was seeing Melissa Etheridge's win for best song from the same film.

How about Martin Scorsese finally getting an Oscar after how many years of churning out brilliant films? A well deserved nod as best director for The Departed for a classy guy and gifted film maker.

Finally, If you saw Will Farrell, Jack Black and John C. Riley's musical number, you saw probably the most entertaining moment of the show (OK, host, Ellen DeGeneres was actually great, I loved when she was vacuuming the red carpet and slipping Marty a script to read). The boys sang a funny tune about winning an Academy Award and taking Helen Mirren home with them ... hopefully this vid will be posted on the net soon.

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