Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Another Weather Tease?

It's been a rather lackluster year for snow-lovers in my neck of the woods this winter. From November through mid-January, it felt more like an extended, mild fall. When the cold weather finally hit and we went into a deep freeze from mid-January on, all we got was a bit of what I like to call, "movie snow" (you know, the kind that just falls lightly for effect and nothing more). Yes, there was that ice storm, but that doesn't count. Not really.

I am a snow-lover. I enjoy great big old blizzards, I love watching the world get all sugar coated and revel in the quiet that snowstorms cause. Where everyone has to stay inside and avoid going anywhere, when everything seems hushed and quiet.

Maybe I romanticise it a bit, but snow has always had an effect on me.

When the first few flakes start falling, I feel kind of giddy. And then, when it really gets going, I just marvel over it and usually suit up and go outside to experience it (remember that big blizzard that hit the East Coast in 1996? I have a video tape I made on day two of the storm, where I went outside and filmed the event until the camera froze up on me).

Today they are calling for some kind of winter storm, but if you watch six different weather broadcasts, you'll get six different predictions: everything from blizzard-like-conditions to a "wintry mix" (that always struck me as a great name for a cocktail, "Can I have a wintry mix, straight up?").

Right then, let's see what happens.

Have a great Sunday all!

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