Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jacqueline Susann: a Pop Culture Nostradamus

When Jacqueline Susann penned her classic trash novel, "Valley of the Dolls"; I wonder if even she realized that she was telling a cautionary tale that would come true at least once in every generation.

Dolls tells the tale of a group of women clawing their way to the top of the show business world. There is the talented, but crazy, singing sensation, Neely O'Hara; the oh-so-beautiful, but dumb as dirt, Jennifer North; the tough-as-nails show biz vet, Helen Lawson ... and a host of other colorful types.

Currently, we've got a whole new crop of dolls living Susann's story out daily and feeding our need for worthless information (I mean who cares about politics and war, when all of this juicy shit is going on?)

* Ya say ya want a pill poppin' mess of a young talented ingenue having one public meltdown after the other?

Look no further than Britney Spears, this generation's Neely O'Hara.

* How about a beautiful, but vapid, woman, with no discernible talent who unexpectedly becomes the toast of the town based on her looks, and then meets a tragic end only to have the press descend on her dead body to pick away at it like vultures.

Look no further than to the late Anna Nicole Smith, this generation's Jennifer North.

* Once you've had your full of the tragic types, you might need a seen-it-all-vet, who is still holding on tight to her title as The Queen of the Hill, the broad no one can dethrone, she's got all of the power and watches coolly as lesser mortals fall into the pit of fire below her.

Look no further than Madonna, this generation's Helen Lawson.


You have to climb Mount Everest to reach the Valley of the Dolls,
It's a brutal climb to reach that peak,
You stand there, waiting for the rush of exhilaration but it doesn't come,
You're alone. And the feeling of loneliness is overpowering...
...prolouge from jacqueline susann's the valley of the dolls

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