Saturday, February 17, 2007

Good Morning Sunshine

Wow, six days post surgery and today was the first day I ventured outside!

Actually, with the exception of some pain when I move or bend certain ways, I've been feeling pretty good, so this morning I decided I'd go and clean my car off from the week's collection of ice and snow.

All went well until I went to put on my shoes, reaching down to tie up the boot laces was a bit of an effort, but I did it.

Walking gingerly down the steps and out the door, I was happy to find that most of the ice was gone from the sidewalk, so I would not be slipping and falling and ripping open stitches in my gut.

The Pax Mobile looked sad, forgotten, still with a thick sheet of ice crusted snow on its back window and roof.

I threw on my gloves and sort of karate chopped at the ice, and it slid right off of the passenger door.


Getting into the car and sitting down was a bit of a painful experience, but I managed it. I started her up and she roared to life and I turned on the heater and rear window defroster and then got out (which was easier than getting in).

While cleaning the rest of my car of winter debris, my neighbor came by walking his dog, "Hi Pax, where have you been?" he asked while his dog kept trying to jump on me, the paws making direct contact with my incision at one point.

"Uh, been resting up, just had surgery on Monday", I said pushing his dog off of me.

We continued chatting, but my neighbors German Shepard took my pushing as a sign that I wanted to play, so again and again, Rover kept jumping up on me until I finally had to say, "Sorry, but could you control your dog? Normally I'd love to play with him, but I've got a relatively new wound in my gut and I don't think it's a good idea to have a dog pouncing on it."

Well, you'd think I just told him to go fuck himself!

My neighbor yanked his dog back and said, "Sorry" and walked away.

"Hey," I yelled out, "don't go away mad, I just can't have your dog jumping on me, that's all!"

But he went on his way, leaving in a huff (in my mind I heard Groucho Marx say, "If that doesn't work, you can always leave in a minute and a huff") .

Sighing I went back to the work at hand and was just about finished when I heard a "plopping" sound --- I looked over my shoulder and saw that I'd just missed a gift from one of the fine feathered friends roosting above me in a tree (I made a mental note to take the bird feeder down, or to at least add something binding to the seed).

Realizing that the cosmos is trying to give me some kind of sign (Isn't Mercury in retrograde now?), I finished up quickly, turned the car off and made my way back to the relative safety of the villa.

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