Sunday, February 25, 2007

Gay Superbowl Picks

Will the feel good movie of the year( Babel), win big beating out a film about a loving family (Little Miss Sunshine) and a movie about honor amongst Boston's finest (The Departed) ... or will a movie about the glory of war (Letters from Iwo Jima) or the one about a beloved matriarch (The Queen) bring home Oscar.?

Frankly I can't call it. Little Miss Sunshine was my fave of the the top five, but I think that either The Queen or The Departed will get the statue.

I also think that (since she is the greatest young actress of today), Cate Blanchett is going to go home with the supporting actress gold.

And am also pulling for Alan Arkin for the supporting actor nod (did you see him in Little Miss Sunshine? The guy is the best, come on people!).

As for actress, Helen Mirren looks to be the fave. Of course if there was any justice in the world, Catherine O'Hara would have been nominated for her role in For Your Consideration, but I guess that movie and its subject matter hit a bit too close to home for the Academy members to cope with.

Best actor: since Jack Nicholson was ignored for The Departed, let's give it to the nicest guy in Hollywoodland,Forest Whitaker for his role in The King of Scotland.

Whatever happens, enjoy the awards and lets keep count how many times the word , "amazing" is uttered tonight.

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