Saturday, December 23, 2006

5 Things You Don't Know About Me (and Maybe Didn't Want To)

Frank has tagged me for this meme. And since Frank is one of the coolest guys on the internets, I accepted the tag: 5 Things You Don't Know About Me (and Maybe Didn't Want To)
1: I Have Appeared on Television Three Times in My Life: First time was on a local children’s show (The Happy the Clown Show). I was about seven years old at the time and have only the vaguest memories of this experience. The second time was on another local kid’s program (Captain Philadelphia) which was hosted by Philadelphia sports-caster, Stu Neiham (who played an astronaut who showed cartoons in his rather expansive space ship). I was one of the kids that sat in the peanut gallery interacting with the Captain (fun fact: After the show was over, the cab was late to take me and my mom home, Stu gave us a ride – how cool was that?). The third time was November of 1978; I was at the Whiskey a Go Go in L.A. and was interviewed by a local reporter about this new musical phenomena, “punk rock”. I never saw the broadcast.

2: I Fear Crowds: People, traffic; anywhere it gets tight I tend to panic and feel sick. Hence I avoid crowded places. Like Frank, I have pushed my way through some tight spaces because I was freaking out.

3: Weather effects my Mood: Sunny and warm, I am well balanced and pleasant. Sunny and humid, I am nasty. Sunny and Very Cold (freezing cold day, bright sunshine, no wind) I feel like a million bucks and tend to get very “randy”. Snowy weather makes me giddy and child-like – I mean let’s build a snowman and frolic. Thunderstorms excite me. I love them. Overcast, dreary, rainy days make me feel physically sick. Cold and windy days, ditto.

4: I am a Hopeless Romantic: ‘nuff said.

5: I have studied Paganism for years: It all began back in 1993 when I picked up a book called, “The Urban Pagan” by Patricia Telesco. From then on, I knew that I was hooked. For awhile I was even a practicing Pagan. These days, while I still have affection for it, I am more of on-looker. Out of all faiths, the Pagan Path is attractive in it’s free spirited attitude. But ultimately, I settled for the more user friendly Unitarian Universalism.

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