Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Like all good drugs, the home PC is an addiction that one does not fully understand or appreciate in it's complexity until it is not available to the addicted party.

All last night I kept getting up to go into the other room to sit at the computer then I'd remember, "Damn! We need to get a new monitor!"

God I needed a fix!

At one point Whatshisname asked if we could hook up one of the televisions to the PC ... he's so cute sometimes.

I've rediscovered books and magazines over the past few days. I tried to watch TV, but for the most part, everything on it sucks to high heaven ... (why are programs like that god-awful Jim Belushi sit-com still running when great programs like Arrested Development are canned?).

I think we are going to get a new monitor tonight. I will vote for a plain/no nonsense type and Whatshisname will want flat screen -sleek-Japanese efficiency ... whatever, as long as does not bust this weeks budget.

So yeah, I am blogging from work ... sneaking a fix like any good addict might...

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