Thursday, November 10, 2005

Rhymes with Orange

Here at work, when you open the browser that takes you online, one lands on the State Homepage. This morning the homepage indicated that the current Terrorism Level had been elevated to orange. Upon further investigation, this appeared not to be the case (then again, with Bush's approval ratings at an all time low, what better time to whip up the rank and file?).

Satisfied that our borders were safe, I went about my business as Social Worker to the Stars Suffering and dug in for a days work.

About five minutes into the prerequisite paper shuffling, I noted an armed guard walking past my cubicle. A few moments later another one followed; these guys were state prison guards complete with billy-clubs and fire-arms ...

What the hell was going on, I wondered, are we out of coffee again? Did someone abscond with office supplies? The possibilities were limitless.

No time to think, when a group of men walked by in orange jump suits ... prisoners! A work detail.

Realizing that we were indeed at an orange level; I saw that the felons were there to move boxes of files out of our office to a storage facility somewhere.

Faster than one could say, Prisoner of Zenda, our office was crawling with orange clad slave labor ... honestly, I noticed that most of these guys were very young, many of them looked like kids, I could not imagine what hell their lives were that would have led them to such a place ... I cant help it, I am a bleeding heart.

Eventually, the prisoners and their keepers finished up and everything went back to normal. It was noted that the State will always go for the cheapest way to get the job done (no argument there) and then a co-worker said, "I would not last a second in jail."

"Yeah", someone agreed," It must be hell."

The other co-worker shook her head, "No, not that; it's just I look awful in orange!"


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