Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Have You Seen Hudson Carter?

No, it's not officially "Missing Monday", but I saw this posted over at Philly Future and thought it a good idea to post it now ... if you have a blog in the Philly Area (hell, if you have a blog anywhere!), do the same, this child was reported missing today; time is of the essence... (thanks to Matt at Tattered Coat for the head's up)


If you have any information, please contact the Northwest Detective Division at 215-686-3353 or 215-686-3354.

Age: 12 years old

He frequents the area near the Cheltenham Mall.

Description:5'3 and about 180 pounds.Heavy build, brown eyes, medium brown complexion, brown short hair.Last wearing:White T-Shirt & Blue Jeans

Last seen:Monday (November 14th) around 6pm.

Please note, he suffers from depression.

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