Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Post Card from Sunday's Peace Rally

My darling Medbh, was in Washington DC this past Sunday for the Rally for Peace, through this missive, she files the following report:

Dear Paxie, I am back from DC---100,000? No, let me say to those conservative news outlets....try 400,000, at the very least. Just trying to take part in the march was a noon to 4pm venture, due to the absolutely MASSIVE amount of people who stood, in line, patiently, quietly, and peacefully, in order to make the march to the White House, and to be able to stand there and chant "What do we want?" PEACEWhen DO we Want It? NOW!!It was SO amazing. There was every race, every color, every religious affiliation, every age of humanity represented there.I saw many, many people in wheelchairs, being pushed by their loved ones, the entire long, circuitous route.This DC march was very different from the Inaugural protest. For one, there were MANY more young people present, many more elderly people present. The absolutely beautiful and amazing melting pot of humanity that is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, well, baby, they were out in force, and peacefully.I met and saw so many amazing people. BUT. please PAX, post this and ask others to.The most impressive person that I saw--and I saw/heard/met/ Cindy Sheehan, Media Benjamin, John Bonifascz, William Rivers Pitt, Jeff Cohen, Lynne Woolsey, Congresswoman Lee, among others--well, Jay Winters Nightwolf was the MOST impressive. And his story was the MOST heartbreaking.He said that there is a native American tribe in La that is MISSING 7,000 of its members. They have called and called FEMA, and just keep being told that "help is on its way...”7,000 people Paxie! If you could have heard his dialogue, you would have cried. Feminist Medbh had to keep pinching herself not to.Have you heard of the massive loss of life of our indigenous people? I didn't, until today.http://www.geotrees.com/nightwolf.htmlthe above is Nightwolf's web link. Because he spoke at the PDA session, his talk touched on our political process. He has five criteria for supporting a candidate. The very first one is that the person has to be Pro-Peace. Not pro indigenous peoples, not anti war and anti poverty.BUT, Pro-Peace. Peace for the entire world.And at the very beginning of his speech, he said that he forgives what our ancestors did to his people, and that he hopes that we forgive what his ancestors did to our people, in retaliation for what we did to his."Let's put that behind Us, and Move forward."He truly is a man of Peace.We need to heal our fractured American soul. Maybe a way to that, is to ask for forgiveness from those whom we , as Americans, have wronged, and to place in a position of power, those who knew these lands, and the spiritual history of them, long before the Europeans did.well, I just got back, but had to respond to your post of PEACEmedbh

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