Thursday, September 22, 2005

Last Night a DJ Saved My Life (sort of)

DJ Taz at his studio last night

I came home from work on Thursday feeling slightly blue – for a variety of reasons, not depressed, mind you, just blue – or maybe just blah. In any case, I needed some kind of pick me up.

Imagine my delight when I opened my email and saw a message from my two favorite blokes from across the pond informing me that my top ten songs were now being featured on their internet radio station!!! I was thrilled (it really does not take much to lift my mood).

Anyway (somebody’s favorite word) I clicked on the link and downloaded the show’s file to my PC and heard the dulcet voice of DJ Taz announce that the following selection of songs were by “Pax Romano”. I was dancing around like a little kid.

Thanks guys, you made my night, my day, and possibly my freaking weekend.

To hear the show as well as all of Radio Taz, CLICK HERE.

To go visit the boys at their blog, CLICK HERE.

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