Monday, April 18, 2005

Lana Turner, Lumberton and Looming Monsters

caps275Some time ago I posted a picture HERE about a monstrous statue that sits looming over route 541 in Lumberton, New Jersey.

If you pick up the latest copy of Weird NJ Magazine, you'll see a copy of the beast on the cover - and if you go to page 71 you'll find one of my photos of the monster printed there. weirdng

Anyway it seems that a local man bought this statue that was used as a prop in the 1954 Lana Tuner film, The Prodigal and now, the good folk of Lumberton want it removed! That's right, the soccer moms and dads of rural Burlington County want this demon sent back to hell!

Here's part of an email I got today from Weird NJ's mailing list:

Lighten Up Lumbertonians!
Dear Weird NJ;
Hey guys, just have an update for you about the Buddha statue on the cover of issue #24.
I live a couple miles away from this house and drive by often. It seems that the
people of the township of Lumberton are displeased by this "eyesore" on the main
road. Many are trying to get it legally removed from this man's property. Apparently
he spent over $2000 dollars to have the statue sent, and for a zoning permit.
Needless to say he is pissed that this may be taken from him. I think it's pretty cool,and those snobby Lumbertonites need to lighten up. After all, the statue was in a movie. –Dawn Lowry

I just love a scandal, and this one was so important that even several of the local news stations reported on it. Stay tuned for further developments!

lana and the beast

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